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2015 Bird. Fish. Bone. (Solo)
Bird. Fish. Bone. at the BSA Project Space in Mullumbimby, NSW from 11-17 September 2015.

2015 Ghosts in the Scheme
This small show documented the early creative development of Ghosts in the Scheme, a Big hART community project and theatre production. Images were shot in Cooma, NSW and displayed in the Playhouse foyer of Canberra Theatre Centre.

2012 The Dew Point (Solo)
This collection included work created with a variety of cameras and films, and employed techniques such as Polaroid image transfer. I enjoy the less predictable outcome of these methods – the sense of anticipation as the negative is lifted from the paper. I'm rarely seeking perfection in these pieces, it's the ‘accidental magic’ that thrills me, and the uniqueness of each image.

2012 Branches of Olive
Branches of Olive was a group exhibition at Photonet Fine Art Gallery in Fairfield, Melbourne in February 2012 that celebrated International Women's Day. This is an annual show featuring the work of women photographers, honouring the work of pioneering photographer, Olive Cotton, and raising funds for UN Women. The exhibition was opened by Ponch Hawkes and was a great success.


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